Live Event– The Emperor’s New Clothes: Art, Imagination, & Our Battle Against the Titanic

Emperor's New Clothes Trump

Tuesday August 30, 2016                   7-9pm Beatnik Lounge

The “titanic” (a reference to Greek mythology) is a powerful force in American culture today. It’s the unlimited and excessive, the huge and crude, and it runs roughshod over the relatively small, uniquely beautiful beings, places, and things that many of us love. The titanic “out there” numbs our feeling and dwarfs our sensitivities. We experience our own titanism “inside” as stress and emptiness.

The best weapon against titanism is our imagination. A recent installation by art activists opposing Donald Trump, that references the Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” inspired me to explore the story.

Where is the “titanic” in your life and in our community, and can we use this story to kick-start a creative response to these questions? Come hear the story and consider how art and other inducements to the imagination can be used in our war against the titanic.

Hosted by local mythologist Catherine Svehla. $5 donation suggested. All open-minded adults are welcome. Thanks to the Beatnik Lounge for their support!!

Please note, although Trump is a handy target for talk of the titanic, this event is not about him….