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All of the programs are organized into “albums” the way they appear on the bandcamp home page. When you find a story that you want to listen to, click on the associated album link and it will take you to the page with that program track.

The programs are loosely clustered by theme so a few stories appear on more than 1 album.


Latest Programs album art

MITM Latest Programs

Truth In A Dark Time: Many of us long for a stronger connection to the wise intuitive voice that knows the way and truth in our lives, so why don’t we always hear it?
The Season of Letting Go: Story & poetry to explore the various ways we are called to “let go” in the final days of this autumn season.




MITM Myths & Stories Vol 10

Reciprocity and The Boy Who Fed Eagles: A Tlingit-Haida  story about the true source of abundance.
Solar Eclipse of the Lion Heart: A reflection on the “Great American Solar Eclipse” & the lion heart of Leo.
Trust in Life & Jumping Mouse: What does it take to discover and live our unique life purpose?
Transformation, Frogs, & The Three Feathers: What frogs teach us about transformation & “The Three Feathers,” as collected by the Brothers Grimm.
The Robber Bridegroom: How do we become aware of nefarious, destructive aspects in the psyche and handle them successfully?
Meeting the Baba Yaga: The possibility for cultural transformation rests with the archetypal feminine. Consider this with the aid of the fairy tale “Vasilisa the Wise.”
Cerridwen & the Cauldron of Inspiration: A Celtic myth for Samhain, the annual descent into darkness. It’s time to let go of what needs to die and carefully consider the new seeds that you will plant for the future.



MITM Myths & Stories Vol. 9

Homeland Security: An exploration of homeland and security, hospitality and love, with the aid of Odysseus, Ovid, and the Good Samaritan.
Revelations From the Edge Poetry part 1: In celebration of national poetry month and the desert, these poets share the lessons and gifts they have received from the Mojave.
Revelations From the Edge Poetry part 2: More amazing poetry about the desert.
The Wild Man & Iron John 1: Robert Bly made this fairy tale a cornerstone of the 90’s Men’s Movement but its many possibilities and meanings speak to us all.
The Wild Man & Iron John 2: What gifts might a new alliance with the wild man bring you?
Wonder Woman: Panacea or Possibility?: Is this film inspiring and empowering us to explore new possibilities, or reconciling us to the status quo?
Cosmic Order, Constellations, and Navajo Stories of the Stars: These Navajo myths about the placement of the constellations enhance the beauty of the summer night sky.
Coyote & the Shadow People: A Nez Perce story about love, life, death, and the Trickster in Mythic Time.



Transformation: U.S. Elections & Myth as Response

The Wise Crow Jataka: A Buddhist folktale about the Buddha’ past life as a crow.
Beauty & Love in the Shadow: 4 ideas and 11 poems to help you stay connected to the beauty of the world and strengthen your resolve to love what you love in the face of whatever may come.
Larger Fields of Time: How can the Norse myth of Loki and Balder help us to inhabit larger fields of time?
Speaking Truth: A leapfrog from “The Emperor’s New Clothes” to the Buddhist tale, “The Gangamala Jataka,” for insight into the question: How do we each tell the truth as we see it?
The Lindworm: A Norwegian fairy tale with a potent message about cultural transformation.
True Ugliness & the Loathely Lady: An Arthurian tale that provides insight into the transformative power of embracing the un-embraceable.
In Service to Life: Isis and Osiris: The ancient Egyptian myth of the goddess Isis and the god Osiris reveals the necessary partnership of feminine and masculine energies in service to life.




MITM Myths & Stories Vol. 8

The Titanomachia, War of the Gods: A Greek  myth about the struggle for the world.
Huge is Ugly: Battling the Titanic Today: how do we recognize the titanic and respond to it?
The Power of Names, Seeing & the Titanic: calling others by name can help us fill the titanic emptiness and bring us into communion with the world.
A Cure for the Titanic, Feed the Birds: Filling the titanic emptiness can begin with a bird feeder.
The Emperor’s New Clothes: There’s more to this tale than the truth-telling power of an innocent child.
Bring Your Fire– Aiee! Coyote!: How Coyote Brought Fire to the People and why you should share yours with the world too.
The Conference of the Birds: My version of a 12th century epic poem by the Sufi Farid ud Din Attar, about the birds quest to find a true king.



MITM Myths & Stories Vol 7

MITM Myths & Stories Volume 7

Princess Mayblossom: A French fairy tale collected by Andrew Lang, told in 2 parts
Maleficent & the 13th Fairy: A look at Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent, & the evil fairy
Trickster Makes the World: 4 Native American Coyote stories
On Not Being a Hero: “The King Who Saved Himself from Being Saved” by John Ciardi and reflections on alternatives
The Tao of Trickster Coyote: A blend of Coyote stories and tales about Chuang Tzu, an ancient Chinese Taoist, about “the way.”



Inanna album artSumerian Myths of the Goddess Inanna

Queen of Heaven: The Sumerian myth of the goddess Inanna, part 1
Descent: The Sumerian myth of the goddess Inanna, part 2
Underworld Rules: The Sumerian myth of the goddess Inanna, part 3
Dumuzi’s Dream:The Sumerian myth of the goddess Inanna, part 4
Turning an ear to the ground: Working the myth




Myth 4 tough times album artMyth for Tough Times

The Shadow and Chiron the Wounded Healer: the Greek myth of Chiron
Mythology, the Other, and Murder in SC: Yoruban myths of Eshu’s cap and Obatala
Apocalypse and the Middle of the River: Hopi Elders and poetry
Finding Gold in the Darkness: the Middle Eastern story of the Old Thief and Plum Seed
The Crescent Moon Bear: a Japanese fairy tale
Holy Fools, uncertainty, and beginner’s mind: the Hindu story of Viddhi Kooshmandam



MITM Holiday Episodes album artMITM Holidays

Why January 1st is the “New Year”: Roman myths of Janus
The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen
Three Bags of Gold, an Eight-legged Horse, & Magic Mushrooms: Norse myths of Odin, Santa, Loki & the Birth of Slepinir
Summer Solstice and Midsummer Visitors: Celtic story of the fairies of Merlin’s Craig
Quetzalcoatl and the Day of the Dead: Aztec myth of Quetzalcoatl and the Bones
Marta Becket, Solstice, & Shining Your Light: the life story of an amazing desert dancer
The King of the Elves by Philip K. Dick



MITM Myths & Stories Vol 6MITM Myths & Stories Volume 6

Arthurian Legend of Percival’s Quest for the Grail part 1: Leaving Home
Arthurian Legend of Percival’s Quest for the Grail part 2: The White Rose
Arthurian Legend of Percival’s Quest for the Grail Part 3: The Fisher King
Valemon the White Bear King: Norwegian fairy tale told in 2 parts
Siddhartha’s Fairy Tale Quest for Enlightenment: The Buddha
Gratitude, Creative Gifts, and Being in the Flow: The Shoemaker and the Elves collected by the Brothers Grimm



Cauldron of Inspiration CD front FINAL



The Cauldron of Inspiration: Stories to Fuel Your Creative Fire

Creativity & the Mythic Dimension
The Creative Fire
Cerrdiwen and the Birth of Taliesin (Celtic)
Fionn & the Salmon of kKnowledge (Celtic)



MITM Myths & Stories Vol 5MITM Myths & Stories Volume 5

Who the #@! was Medusa?: Greek myths of Medusa in 2-parts
The Maiden King: a Russian fairy tale
Myth, Music, and Oya (She who Rides With the Wind): Yoruban myth of the goddess Oya
The Price of Transformation: the Greek myth of Artemis and Actaeon
Grandmother Spider: a Hopi creation myth
Transformed by Love: an original musical version of the Frog Prince collected by the Brothers Grimm. Music by Phillip Rosenberg & Catherine Svehla



About Poetry album artAbout Poetry & Poets

How to Read a Poem: A conversation about myth, metaphor & poetry with Phillip Rosenberg
Poetry & myth with poet Phillip Rosenberg
Poetry is a Form of Revolution
Saved by a Poem: Five Women & some of their FavoritePoems
Poetry & the Myth You are Living: A Conversation with Poet Phillip Rosenberg
Desert Dweller: A Conversation with poet Cynthia Anderson
Medusa: A Community Spoken Word Event in 2 parts
Voices of the Grail Community Spoken Word event



Interview Album artINTERVIEWS: Special Guests Talk About Mythology Today

Stephen Gerringer of the Joseph Campbell Fdn. on mythology, landscape, & the Haida myth of Salmon Boy in 2 parts
Goddesses: Mysteries of the Divine Feminine with Dr. Safron Rossi
Mythic Models: Hephaestus, Creativity & Brokenness with Allison Steiger
Ensoulment & Finding the Feminine with Loris Simon Salum
Day to Day Dante & Exploring Personal Myth with Dr. Dennis P. Slattery
Reading as an Act of Contemplation with Dr. Dennis P. Slattery



MITM Myths & Stories Vol 4MITM Myths & Stories Volume 4

The Sumerian myth of Gilgamesh Part 1: The Creation of Enkidu
The Sumerian myth of Gilgamesh Part 2: Destiny Fulfilled
The Sumerian myth of Gilgamesh Part 3: Journey to Utnapishtim
To Hell and Back: the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice
The Man Without a Story: a Celtic fairy tale
Finding Gold in the Darkness: the Middle Eastern story of the Old Thief and Plum Seed
Life-Affirming Mythologies: The Blackfoot myth of the Buffalo Dance



MITM Myths & Stories Vol 3



MITM Myths & Stories Volume 3

The King and the Corpse: a Hindu story in 2 parts
Vasilisa the Beautiful & the Symbolic Life: a Russian fairy tale
The Shadow by Hans Christian Andersen in 2 parts
Abu Kasem’s Slippers: a Middle-Eastern story
The Crescent Moon Bear: a Japanese fairy tale



GFather Coyote front art May 2015

The Grandfather Coyote Collection

Coyote Keeps His Name: a Native American (Okanagon) story
How Coyote Brought Fire to the People: a Native American (Karok) story
The Eye Juggler: a Native American (Jicarilla Apache) story
The Bungling Host: a Native American (Okanagon) story



MITM Myths & Stories Vol 2



MITM Myths & Stories Volume 2

Eshu’s Cap: Yoruban Trickster myth
Prometheus & the Gift of Fire Part 1: Greek Trickster myth
Prometheus Part 2 with Anansi the Spider (Yoruban Trickster myth)
Raven Steals the Light: Haida Trickster story
Coyote Keeps His Name & The Eye Juggler: Native American Trickster stories
Following Mythic Coyote: Native American (Chemehuevi) Trickster myths



MITM Myths & Stories Vol1

MITM Myths & Stories Volume 1

Psyche and Eros Part 1: Is Love Blind?
Psyche and Eros Part 2: Sorting Seeds and Other Impossible Tasks
Psyche and Eros Part 3: Understanding the myth of Psyche and Eros
Sleeping Beauty? The tale of Briar Rose: a fairy tale collected by the Grimm Brothers
The Fisherman and His Wife: a fairy tale collected by the Grimm Brothers
What Do Women Really Want?: Arthurian story of Sir Gawain and Lady Ragnell



matter Psyche album artPsyche & Matter: Interviews with Presenters at the 2014 Synchronicity Symposium

Psyche, Matter, & Meaningful Coincidence: a conversation with Gary Bobroff
Painting From the Source; A conversation with Aviva Gold
Ensoulment: A Contemporary Quest for Self with Filmmaker Loris Salum
Toko-pa Turner: Belonging & the Dream
Listening to the Wisdom of Your Heart with Stephen Linstead
Death Makes Life Possible with Dr. Marilyn Schlitz
Return to Life: Extraordinary Cases of Children Who Remember Past Lives with Dr. Jim Tucker
Mythic Coyote & his Dance with Synchronicity by Dr. Catherine Svehla



blisters album art



Blisters on the Way to Bliss: A Few of Joseph Campbell’s Favorite Stories

Frog Prince: The Musical
Percival & Fisher King
The Blackfoot myth of the Buffalo Dance