A podcast of storytelling and conversation about mythology, and why it's important to life today. Keep the mystery in your life alive.

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making connections

"I love the connections that come from unexpected threads you choose to follow. Your programs reinforce my love for this 'big picture' both sacred and sublime." --- L. M. Pirro, Arizona

staying in the mystery

"I found MITM while listening to a series of conversations with Joseph Campbell. I appreciate the connection between conscious and unconscious that you emphasize and the MYSTERY you remind us to keep vivid. I couldn't agree more!" --- M. Peribanez, Argentina

using myth in life

"I like how you play with myth and use it in life. I loved Chiron, the Wounded Healer and would love your take on how myths of the divine feminine are being re-imagined today." --- C. Caldwell, Washington

knowing myself

"Like the Greek heroic tales, each myth tends to trigger self-examination of different aspects of my being. Thank you for the work you do. Whatever you present is a delight." --- J. Gould, Nevada

finding the magic

"I really like listening to them before I go to bed. I'm writing a PhD thesis in Law and your stories help me go on with my writing and remind me of the magic in life." --- A. Tilly, France


"I admire and respect your passion and commitment to making life more meaningful and provocative and am inspired by the gifts you offer so generously. You're my favorite storyteller." ---J. Loomis, California
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